Microsoft has redefined the modern workspace with a suite of solutions that promote unparalleled collaboration, productivity and security. We have the expertise to help you navigate everything that is on offer. We can help you choose the right Microsoft 365 license, train your employees on best practices, and even explore the more advanced capabilities of what’s on offer.

Microsoft 365 Licenses

Beginning your Microsoft 365 journey? Choosing the right license is the first step you will have to make, and it’s the most important too. The right license can help shape your company’s productivity, security and more. The most common licenses to choose from are M365 Business Basic, M365 Business Standard and M365 Business Premium.

With each license comes a range of new benefits. Whilst the Basic package offers the most bare-bones 365 Cloud Services, the Standard option provides users with access to desktop apps for offline use. As certified cyber security experts, we recommend that customers choose the Microsoft 365 Business Premium license. Alongside a range of technical benefits, we believe that the added security seals the deal on our choice. Some key features for this license include:

  • Microsoft Entra IDSeamlessly replacing the traditional on-premise Windows Server, Microsoft Entra ID empowers you to take control of company PCs and laptops and manage access.

  • IntuneWith the Intune cloud-based management system, you can protect your endpoints and apply policies to create a more controlled and secure digital environment for your business.

  • Conditional AccessProviding an added level of security to your M365 data and services, we can enforce added security levels including multi-factor authentication and policies that only allow compliant devices (e.g. machines using the latest security update).

  • DLP (Data Loss Prevention)With an automated DLP service, you can keep track of your company’s sensitive data within SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams and alert admins of any potential data breaches, unauthorised data access and theft.

  • BitLocker Drive EncryptionIn the event of device theft or loss, you can remotely manage endpoint devices and encrypt drives, ensuring your data remains inaccessible to unauthorised users.

Microsoft 365 Apps for Business (SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams)

In the constantly evolving landscape of IT, Microsoft has redefined workplace collaboration by moving everything into the cloud. Apps like SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams, enable teams to work together from anywhere with an internet connection, without the need for VPNs and Remote Desktop Servers.The future of collaboration is here, and we have the expertise to help move your organization into there.

Microsoft Azure Services

With access to the Microsoft Azure marketplace, you can explore a world of possibilities. With an expansive selection of third-party apps and services available, we can integrate these services into your current IT infrastructure to boost productivity, bolster security and more. Services include:

  • Azure Virtual Desktops
  • Azure Virtual Servers
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Remote Web Apps
  • Business Automation Services
  • Azure File/Blob Storage

Certified Microsoft Solutions Partner

As a proud Microsoft Solution Partner for Modern Work, we are committed to delivering the very best in workplace technology to boost collaboration and maximise productivity.

Not only does this partnership demonstrate our expertise in the modern workplace, but it also means we have access to Microsoft's extensive range of tools and resources to tailor and share with our customers. Giving you full control over your M365 licenses.

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