IT support that works for your business

Whether it's the computer systems your team uses to support your sales and service operation or the security package that gives you peace of mind out of hours, every business heavily relies on IT services.

Unless yours is a new business, many of your IT systems will have been introduced and developed over time leaving you with a network of interconnected services which can be a nightmare to unravel if one element ‘goes down’.

Not only is it an inconvenience but it can often paralyse your business until you can determine what has gone wrong and more importantly, who you call to get everything back up and running again.

At Gemini, our support specialists have extensive knowledge of a range of different business solutions from computer networks and telecommunications to photocopiers and sophisticated CCTV systems and how they interact with one another.

We can operate on a break/fix package but we prefer to take a step back and analyse your existing hardware, software and IT costs to ensure everything is working as it should, you’re taking advantage of the latest technology and you’re not paying for solutions you don’t need. 

Alongside a range of hardware and software, we also offer a range of unique services to protect and secure your IT systems from external threats. 

Unique services we offer include:

Email Antispam & Phishing Protection - To ensure your business and employees are protected from unsolicited emails, phishing attempts and service outages.

Backup Services - So if the worst happens we can retrieve either your onsite data or failing that a copy stored offsite to get you operating in hours, not days.

iPad Management & Services - Perfect for the education sector to secure large volumes of devices, with the ability to deploy apps to multiple devices across the same network.

Cyber Security - Staff training to protect your in-house systems plus vulnerability scanning to test your customer-facing networks for weak spots. 

Internet Filtering/Monitoring - Ideal for schools for obvious reasons but also for commercial and hospitality sectors where networks and services are accessed by a wider group of people. 

Cloud-based Working - Enabling your teams to access documents and files whilst out of the office without the need for VPNs and Remote Desktop Servers. Perfect for facilitating flexible working or for teams on the road. 

Once we understand the unique characteristics of your business and the challenges you face we offer a fully managed IT support service that proactively monitors your systems to avoid any unnecessary downtime.

With all the correct monitoring in place, we see a reduction in calls from most of our customers. However, if the unexpected happens, our remote and onsite technical support can get you back to business as soon as possible.

To learn more about our services, call our team.

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