Meet Reprographics Service Engineer, Steven Scott

You may have noticed that we’ve been shouting about our excellent team of photocopier specialists at Gemini these past few months… So, it seemed only right for you to meet them all properly, starting with Reprographics Service Engineer Steven Scott!

How long have you worked at Gemini and what does your job involve?

I’ve been working at Gemini for just over 9 years now, running the reprographics department.

Do you have a nickname in the office? What’s the story behind it?

Not entirely sure about this one… I might have to do some digging to find out if they call me anything behind my back!

What’s your favourite thing about working at Gemini?

The team! We work with a great bunch of people at Gemini.

Best work memory?

Definitely when I saw the look on David’s face after we stuck stickers all over his car…

Coffee or tea? And who makes the best cuppa?

A cup of coffee, made by yours truly. I don’t do a round often, but it’s a special treat for the team when I do!

Best biscuit to have with a cuppa?

It has to be Hobnobs, if not just for the sheer volume of dunks they can withstand.

What’s your favourite thing to do outside of work?

I’m partial to a spot of DIY and home improvements.

What’s a random fact about you?

It doesn’t come up very often, but I can also Play the Accordion!

Who is the funniest person at Gemini?

I would have to say Stewart with some of the things he comes out with.

What’s one piece of office equipment you can't live without? And why?

It’s not an office unless it has one of these – a kettle!

Why should people use Gemini?

Where do I begin? We’re an honest bunch with lots of experience who do everything they can to provide you with the best technology without hidden costs.

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