Saving Raytec £12,000 a year with next level communications

We don’t often blow our own trumpet. However, this was an incredible opportunity that we just had to talk about… When Raytec (a global technology leader) was looking for a way to simplify their operations and communications, they contacted us for help finding a solution.

Their current operations and communication platform (Avaya) was limited and could not provide the remote working functionality that was required during the global pandemic and expected to continue after. As a result, Raytec’s workforce was able to work from home but only through their mobiles, appearing unprofessional and lowering their quality of customer service.

So we decided to get involved. And we had the perfect solution in mind: the Wildix business comms platform. GOLD Partners with the fantastic Wildix since 2018, we knew that this next-generation business solution was capable of solving all of the challenges Raytec was experiencing.

The future of business comms, Wildix is the first cloud browser-based unified communications platform. This means that they are able to combine all channels such as smartphones, PCs, software, chat messages and more, into one platform whilst providing the adaptability that today's ever-changing business environment requires. This allows businesses to work smarter with both internal and external communications. 

In just a matter of weeks, after we first presented Wildix as a viable option, everything was up and running. One member of our team, Toby hosted a series of training sessions and worked with the Raytec team to implement the system.

Wildix has given Raytec external and internal efficiency - a stable and reliable business communications system. Their staff can now easily work from home, providing staff with the ideal work-life balance whilst saving the business time and money and enabling them to provide unparalleled customer service.

They did the maths and…

Based on 6 employees working from home 3 days a week and better management of customer interaction which saves 2 hours per day across the business, the total annual saving for Raytec is £12,190! Problem solved.

In an ever-changing business environment, it’s never been more important for your telecommunication services to be adaptable to your business needs. As Wildix GOLD partners, we can help boost your business engine with the next generation of business communications. Visit our Wildix Business Comms page to learn more.

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