Introducing Gemini Director, Toby Clements

We feel it’s high time we give our Gemini team of experts the recognition they deserve, and what better way to do that, than with a good old-fashioned Meet the Team! Once a month we will be introducing you to members of the Gemini team, both new faces and those you’ll have likely known for years.

To start things off, we have a familiar face: Introducing Gemini Director and expert on all things tech Toby Clements, aka the Tobinator…

How long have you worked at Gemini and what does your job entail?

I will have been working at Gemini for 21 years in October. My job varies from day to day but includes provisioning, management and support of our customer connectivity to the big wide world, training, technical pre-sales support and delivery of systems demonstrations among other things… (and if you’ve understood all of that I’ll make you a cuppa!). 

Do you have a nickname in the office? What’s the story behind it?

When I was a kid I used to be called the Tobinator. There aren’t many other Toby-isms so unfortunately it’s stuck and occasionally I do hear it around the office at work - If it's because of my work ethic I’ll take it! 

What's the best thing about working at Gemini? Have you got a favourite memory?

It has to be the interaction we have with people from all business sectors and bringing exciting new technology to the masses. My favourite memory was being made director of Gemini TML after only 8 months of working for them - such a great day!

Now onto the most important questions…

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee but until noon only!

Who makes the best cuppa in the Gemini office?

Me of course but don’t tell anyone. I’d never get anything done if I made all the drinks for everyone all the time…

Best biscuit to have with a cuppa?

Gingernuts all day! Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

Why should people use Gemini?

If asked I would always give an honest opinion (sometimes too honest!) but I really do believe that providing advice that is factually based is always the best. 

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