Influencing New Technology with Key Forum Membership

Technology never stands still for long, there’s always something new… Whether that’s a new way to solve age-old challenges, upgrades to existing products and solutions to problems you never knew you had!

As an individual company, it’s difficult to keep up and that’s without all the jargon, acronyms and terminology that seem to accompany all of these major new developments.

At Gemini, we work with a range of key industry suppliers to install and maintain the right, up-to-date technology to suit your business. This is perfect if you want to know what’s available in the market right now, but we like to look a little further ahead, and in some instances, help shape those technologies to solve challenges that we and our customers face.

Toby Clements, our Networks Director, is a forum member of Digital Wholesale Solutions, the number one independent communications, IT and service provider and one of Gemini’s key industry suppliers. This new forum brings together partner businesses to discuss technology trends and industry news on a wide range of topics.

The first forum focused on connectivity with guest speakers from Openreach covering the PSTN rollout and the key product managers from DWS developing the key solutions. The round table style of the event allowed Toby (top right) and his fellow forum members to discuss these latest technologies and provided an opportunity to share thoughts, ideas and current challenges.

It was a great forum discussion”, explains Toby, “and allows us at Gemini to not only keep up to date with the latest technological advances but also influence the way these are developed into real business solutions.” 

DWS is planning more events around other product areas next year so Toby will be writing his wish list in preparation.

Whether you’re looking for help upgrading or maintaining your tech, our Gemini team of experts can advise you on the very best technology available to help boost your business. Get in touch today.

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