The Evolution of VoIP Technology

With our roots in Telecommunications, Voice over Internet Protocol (or VoIP) technology is a very important topic for us. In fact, we have discussed it previously in our blog: the future of business communications, hailing it as an effective business communication and a compelling alternative to traditional phone service.

Whilst it remains a relatively low-cost option, Voice over IP Telephony allows for an impressive range of features: near-unlimited international calls, improved voice quality and call recording to name a few. Using a VoIP solution removes the need for expensive in-house communication tools, and it is completely scalable and flexible, meaning it can grow with your business.

Over the coming years, 5G mobile internet connections will filter into the mainstream workforce. This means that companies with a dispersed workforce with access to high-level connections and bandwidth will be able to seamlessly conduct online video and voice calls. Companies will find it easier to share files in the cloud, and everyday communication tasks can be handled through a virtual assistant, meaning no complicated hardware set-up.

The implementation of 5G will massively improve the communication experience of companies collaborating with multiple locations, and those with remote workers. As technology progresses and the needs of the public change, it’s likely that VoIP may develop in more unexpected ways. One change that is likely to come soon is a move away from ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ to a name more inclusive of the full services provided.

At Gemini, we understand the future of communication can be confusing. That’s why our experts are here to help you establish the best service for your company. To do just that, we have developed the High Definition IP Telephony Service: Gemini.HV. To find out more about our service and what it can do for you, visit our Hosted Telephony page.

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