What is Cloud Storage?

It’s a buzzword we hear a lot of, but what is it?  The ‘Cloud’ is a metaphor for the Internet, simply, cloud storage means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet. So, you will have a copy of all your files stored virtually, in a secondary offsite location on a server.

The most important features are:

  • Cloud services are provided by an external provider, such as Gemini
  • All data is stored outside of your network
  • Authorized users can access data from any device and location
  • Automatic backups or the ability to set up backups when your business requires
  • You can access your data via the Internet or with built-in synchronization tools
  • Your files are secure and encrypted

The latest research from the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) revealed that the overall cloud adoption rate in the UK is at 88%.

Should you use cloud storage?

We’ve all had that devastating feeling when you’ve lost personal photos that weren’t backed up. Now imagine if that happened to your critical business files or emails.

Backup is essential for a modern-day business, especially when viruses and ransomware attack, like the much-documented ‘WannaCry’ outbreak. With the right backup solution, this doesn’t have to be such a crippling issue, then you can relax in the knowledge that your data is safe, and disruption to your daily activities are minimal.

What’s on offer

One of the packages we offer at Gemini is Office 365 Backup, this software enables you to back up and restore all your Office 365 mailboxes – emails, attachments, contacts, and calendars – on an annual subscription, allowing you to easily manage your backups. It’s also great value, with an all-inclusive fee covering backup and storage.

Want to find out more about the packages we offer? We work in partnership with key industry suppliers to provide both on and off-premises solutions to meet your business requirements. Visit our Backups page to find out more or contact the team to see what we can do for you.

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