Advantages of Installing CCTV on Your Business Premises

The value of CCTV cannot be overlooked when running a business. With new and integrated security systems, a CCTV camera can potentially reduce the cost of securing your company's premises, whilst giving you peace of mind allowing you to focus on the day-to-day running of your business.

Crime prevention

It goes without saying that CCTV cameras are a powerful deterrent to criminals. Place your cameras in view and have ‘warning CCTV is in operation’ signs around the premises. For the individuals who choose to ignore the cameras and continue to commit the crime, the footage captured can go a long way in helping to identify the culprits.

Peace of mind

Even if no crime ever occurs, having the security measures in place still offers peace of mind for you, your staff and your customers. By investing in a CCTV system with Gemini, you can be left safe in the knowledge that you have the best technology in place should anything happen to your business.

Increases staff safety

In workplaces such as manufacturing, transportation or industrial, accidents can occur when working with machinery. Having CCTV on site can help when reviewing accidents and investigating why they happened.

Reduce insurance premiums

As a CCTV system can act as a deterrent for would-be criminals, the introduction of a security system to your business premises means some insurance companies will offer a reduction on your premiums.

Home or business, our CCTV equipment is the perfect security measure to ensure your peace of mind. We can also assist and advise on other security strategies such as alarm systems or door entry systems. If we cannot help you directly, we work with highly experienced strategic partners who will be able to offer you the right expertise. Find out more about our security systems here.


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